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Digital Company Formation

The Company Registration Process for limited liability companies

The company registration process involves SCF Legal & Corporate Management Services Limited as official agents of Companies House in London, Edinburgh and Belfast electronically submitted your selected company name and memorandum and articles of association to the appropriate Companies House.

Before electronically submitting any legal documents it is important that the correct company type has been selected with for example housing associations and charities normally using a limited by guarantee company format whilst the vast majority of clients simply register a private limited liability company using standard memorandum and articles of association per the requirements of the Companies Act, 2006. In most cases, most small or start up business clients normally have only one or two shareholders, one director and (although no longer a legal requirement) a company secretary. If electronically submitted during normal working hours Companies House will normally electronically issue a certificate of formation in 3-5 hours but this of course is dependent on there having been no use of sensitive names such as group, holdings, bank, royal etc. all of which need appropriate supporting documentation. In the case of SCF, upon receipt of the certificate of incorporation our electronic systems will automatically generate the required 1st the combined company registers of the company and even issue the share certificates to the nominated shareholders. minutes, complete

The Company Registration Process for public limited liability companies

The Company Registration Process for public limited liability (PLC) companies is exactly the same as for private limited companies save that it must have a differently formatted memorandum and articles of association, have a minimum of two directors but still only (at least initially) have one shareholder. Other technical but not submission distinctions between PLC and private limited companies include the fact that there must be an issued share capital of £50,000.00 of which £12,500.00 must be fully paid up. In addition, it should be noted that the company secretary to a PLC must be professionally qualified normally being a chartered company secretary, chartered accountant, solicitor or barrister-at-law whilst accountancy requirements are higher and more information is readily made available to the general public. With respect to the implicit ability to offer the public shares in a PLC, this is not automatic and in fact is a very expensive process involving lawyers, underwriters, brokers and accountants and ironically only applies to a small minority of registered public limited companies.