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Offshore Company Formation

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Offshore/Tax Exempt companies are separate legal entities

Like their domestic cousins Offshore/Tax Exempt companies are totally separate legal entities to the individual who may own them

International Trading

If a firm has significant business in a third party jurisdiction it is often possible to reduce the overall tax position by transferring management and control to a more tax efficient area


Offshore/Tax Exempt companies can often be used as an investment conduit in order to allow money /assets to grow in a tax friendly environment with you, as opposed to the taxman deciding if, when and how much money should be repatriated

International Consultancy

With the growing demand for professional consultants to work outside their usual country of residence there is often the possibility of greatly reducing or even eliminating individual and corporate tax consequences using offshore companies

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  • Shelf Companies Available in 1 to 3 Days
  • Confidential Online Banking
  • Nominee Directors & Secretaries
  • Accountancy
  • Company Secretarial Services
  • E-commerce facilities, if required
  • Tax Planning, Management & Control, Legal Advice

Trusts and Foundations all available from our sister company
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