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Limited Company - ‘Key’ Companies House and HMRC Dates

Not as difficult as it may first seem but not easy either

There are a number of monthly, quarterly, annual and other key Companies House and HMRC Dates for filing information and/or payments which must be complied with when running a Small Limited Company. It is quite possible for an organised person to comply with these dates, but it may not always make business sense to do so, especially in a business start up phase when energies and resources, ideally, should be channeled to growing the business, exploring markets, developing products and the service offering etc. It may be better to employ a professional such as a qualified accountancy firm to handle these compliance issues, leaving you free to concentrate on the business/business start up.

Key Tax Dates

Key Dates - Businesses with PAYE Schemes
  • 5th each month – PAYE tax month ends.
  • 19th each month – PAYE payment is due with HMRC for the previous month.
  • 5th April – Tax yearend.
  • 19th May – Forms P35 & P14s due with HMRC for the previous tax year.
  • 6th July - Forms P11d & P11d(b) due with HMRC for the previous tax year.
  • 19thJuly – Class 1a NI payment due with HMRC for the previous tax year.

Key Dates - VAT Registered Businesses*

1 month after VAT Quarter end – VAT Return and payment due with HMRC.

* It should be noted that all companies with a turnover of £70,000.00 or more are required to register for VAT in the UK – 01/04/2010

Key Dates - Companies

  • Anniversary of Incorporation – Annual Return and filing fee to be sent to Companies House.
  • 9 months and 1 day after company year-end – Corporation Tax payment due with HMRC.
  • 9 months after company year-end – Accounts due for filing with Companies House.
  • 12 months after company year-end – CT600 and annual accounts due with HMRC.

Key Dates for a Limited Company


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