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Forming a limited company in the Republic of Ireland

Irish Company Formation

Forming a limited company in the Republic of Ireland

The ‘key’ benefit of forming a limited company in Ireland is the local 12.5% corporate tax rate for trading companies. This is the world’s lowest corporate tax rate for an advanced country but it would be remiss to suggest that the above is the only reason to establish an Irish company, as other benefits include:

  1. A highly educated local population
  2. Excellent communications with the rest of the world including Dublin airport as the ‘hub’ for both Ryanair and Aer Lingus
  3. English speaking
  4. Increasing wage competitiveness since the 2008 downturn together with commercial and residential properties being at an all time low – In other words, an ideal time to invest in Ireland
  5. Excellent double taxation treaty network with the rest of the World but especially with the United States
  6. Full European Union membership since 1973
  7. A member of the Euro Zone
  8. Excellent long-term potential

Sovereign Debt worries may provide long-term opportunities

There has been a lot of talk about the sovereign debt issues of the Republic of Ireland but it is essential to state that they are of a fundamentally different nature to those of Greece, Italy, Portugal and Spain – Unlike the other countries mentioned Ireland does not have competitiveness or structural issues and indeed is a still net exporting country with a highly modern industrial and software base. It is further likely that the sovereign debt (in reality the banking debt taken on by the Irish Government) will reduce significantly as properties values rebound over the next 5 years very much as happened to the UK after the 1976 International Monetary Fund (IMF) intervention.

Starting My Business Services in Ireland

Unlike any other Irish company formation agent, Starting My Business can provide a wide range of local management and accountancy services through its dedicated management centre based just outside of Dublin. The management centre can be used for meetings, administration or indeed serviced office or corporate events. For more information on the services we can provide in Ireland please contact one of our sales consultants

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