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Tax Free Offshore Companies – Comparison Chart

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Schedule of Fees Incorporation Fee Duty/Franchise Tax Annual Domiciliation Nominee Director Fees Nominee Shareholder Fees Annual Accountancy 1st Year & Annual Fees
Recommended Usage
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THE BAHAMAS £395.00 US$350.00 £250.00 £350.00 £150.00 Optional YR1 = £1,356.00
YR2 =    £961.00
BELIZE – CENTRAL AMERICA £155.00 US$100.00 £250.00 £350.00 £150.00 Optional YR1 =    £965.00
YR2 =    £810.00
BRITISH VIRGIN ISLANDS £345.00 US$350.00 £250.00 £350.00 £150.00 Optional YR1 = £1,306.00
YR2 = £1,161.00
COLORADO NON-RESIDENT LLC - USA £145.00 US$25.00 £250.00 £350.00 £150.00 £450.00 p/a not
on public record
YR1 = £1,360.00
YR2 = £1,215.00
CYPRUS NON-RESIDENT COMPANY £495.00 €265.00 £250.00 £350.00 £150.00 £450.00 p/a YR1 = £1,925.00
YR2 = £1,430.00
DELAWARE NON-RESIDENT LLC - USA £145.00 US$250.00 £250.00 £350.00 £150.00 £450.00 p/a not
on public record
YR1 = £1,495.00
YR2 = £1,350.00
GIBRALTAR NON-RESIDENT £225.00 £55.00 £250.00 £350.00 £150.00 £450.00 p/a YR1 = £1,480.00
YR2 = £1,255.00
GUERNSEY – CHANNEL ISLANDS*7 £750.00 £600.00 + Filing
Fee of £100.00
£2,500.00 £2,500.00 £500.00 £750.00 p/a YR1 = £7,700.00
YR2 = £6,950.00
ISLE OF MAN NON-RESIDENT £295.00 £360.00 £750.00 £750.00 £500.00 £450 p/a.00 YR1 = £3,105.00
YR2 = £2,810.00
JERSEY TAX EXEMPT*7 £750.00 £600.00 £2,500.00 £2,500.00 £500.00 £750.00 p/a YR1 = £7,600.00
YR2 = £6,850.00
NEVADA NON-RESIDENT LLC - USA £220.00 US$125.00 £250.00 £350.00 £150.00 £450.00 p/a not
on public record
YR1 = £1,495.00
YR2 = £1,275.00
PANAMA – CENTRAL AMERICA £395.00 US$300.00 £250.00 £350.00 £150.00 Optional YR1 = £1,345.00
YR2 =    £950.00
SEYCHELLES – INDIAN OCEAN £195.00 US$195.00 £250.00 £350.00 £150.00 Optional YR1 = £1,105.00
YR2 =    £910.00
UNITED KINGDOM NON-RESIDENT LLP £99.00 £14.00 £250.00 £350.00 £150.00 £450.00 p/a YR1 = £1,313.00
YR2 = £1,213.00
UTAH NON-RESIDENT LLC - USA £150.00 US$15.00 £250.00 £350.00 £150.00 £450.00 p/a not
on public record
YR1 = £1,365.00
YR2 = £1,210.00
WYOMING NON-RESIDENT LLC - USA £155.00 US$52.00 £250.00 £350.00 £150.00 £450.00 p/a not
on public record
YR1 = £1,385.00
YR2 = £1,230.00
*1 Starting My Business is acting only as an incorporation agent and always recommends that expert advice is always sought before proceeding with a limited company or its equivalent
*2 Courier fees are charged at between £50.00 and £75.00 depending on jurisdiction as required – If company documents are collected from an Starting My Business/SCF Office then only one courier fee will be charged. Legalization and the apostiling of company documents is also available with fees starting at £125.00 for most US States
*3 The listed exchange rates where correct as of the 19th of August 2011 – Starting My Business reserves the right to adjust any of its fees without notice but has a policy of trying to maintain fee stability
*4 Starting My Business ‘nominees’ are carefully selected individuals located in tax free locations so as to ensure the tax free status of all companies – All nominees issue deeds of trust and letters of resignation in favour of the ultimate beneficial owners. Where banking is required all banks will be made aware of the identity of the beneficial owner so as to protect both parties – The function of nominee directors is to establish the management of a company in a tax free zone and also to guarantee confidentiality for the beneficial owner(s)
*5 The set sum of £450.00 p/a for company account maintenance applies to non-trading companies (non-trading accounts) and trading companies with a turnover up to £350,000.00 per annum. Where a company is trading it is incumbent on the beneficial owner to make all necessary documentation available to Starting My Business accountants - In certain jurisdictions, accounts must be filled and kept on public record (normally for trading and non-trading companies) but only the names of the nominee directors will be lodged
*6 The 1st and 2nd Year Fees are accurate as of the date of print. Where companies are no longer required 90 days notice in writing must be given to our London office where-upon a dissolution fee will be charged which is generally the same as that for the normal 2nd year fees. It should be noted that Starting My Business strictly enforces its dissolution fee policy as non-dissolved companies could compromise the legal standing of the nominee directors
*7 It should be noted that Jersey and Guernsey are premium jurisdictions with local licensed directors and secretaries who charge on a hourly basis for many of their services – To ensure an accurate cost estimate it is recommended that an exact estimate is given as to company turnover and transaction levels per annum
*8 If required Starting My Business can also provide a banking introduction using the pre-cleared nominees with fees starting from £375.00 – As stated, all banks are made aware of the identity of the ultimate beneficial owner(s) and all beneficial owners will be required to satisfy the appropriate KYC obligations
*9 Where clients require documents and/or agreements to be signed there will be a reading fee of £25.00 per page and a signing fee of £25.00 with courier fees chargeable as per 3 above
*10 Starting My Business is legally required to satisfy certain ‘Know Your Client’ (KYC) requirements and a KYC Audit on beneficial owners (Absolutely confidential and only kept by Starting My Business per our ‘Group’ Terms and Conditions) is required at the time of incorporation and at the time of the annual return – The audit requires the production of a valid passport, at least 2 utility bills and a review of the usage of the Company including reference if appropriate to bank statements. The cost for this KYC Audit is £150.00
*11 Where a Power of Attorney is required it will only be issued up to and until the time of next annual return – The cost for a General Power of Attorney (GPOA) in favour of the ultimate beneficial owner is £150.00 + Courier
*12 If nominee director or shareholder services are not required there will be an administrative charge of £350.00 to prepare bespoke minutes, shares and a Register for direct company officers and shareholders
*13 A London serviced office address can be supplied including facsimile and telephone number from £300.00 per annum
*14 For clients requiring extra confidentiality Starting My Business recommends our ‘Security Code” Option where-by clients will select a security code when communicating with SMB staff to ensure their identity – This code will only be known to your SMB consultant and yourself Cost £50.00 p/a
*15 Please note: Orders for non-UK company formation are executed by SCF in Cyprus or as appropriate outside the UK